Black Island | Gem of Tagbanua

Black Island also known as Malajem Island is owned and managed by the Tagbanua people, one of the oldest ethnic groups in the Philippines. This paradise is located in Barangay Panlaitan and Barangay San Isidro in Busuanga, Palawan.
The official name is Malajon which is a derivative of the Calamian word Malagem – meaning dark. Eventually, it was called Black Island for obvious reasons. There are old fisher tales of monsters called imamaliao being seen in its depths. And sometimes the tale is embellished to include the monster swallowing a whole banca. The island is so mysterious and dark that in the ears of impressionable kids these stories are believable. Source: Discover Philippines

If you travelling to Coron, you might want to consider visiting this island. While you are in Calauit Safari Tour, take a side trip in Black Island (most travel agency they include this island in Calauit Tour). This is my third time in Coron and I would recommend JY Travel and Tours.


The sand is not as fine as Boracay's sand but the water is crystal clear. While our boat is getting close to the shore, we can clearly see the coral reefs that reminds me of my experience in Boracay Tour while heading to Puka Beach.
(Left) Travel Like Carol, (Right) The Daily Posh

We suggest that you bring food and drinks due to limited resources in the island. Drinking water is a must!
They strictly keep the island clean so you have to bring your trash as soon as you leave the island.

200php - Entrance/Diving Fee. Additional 300 pesos for overnight stay
100php - Ecotourism Development Fee
150php - Kubo/Table Charge
200php - Kayak or Paddle Board
150php - Snorkeling gear rental



A few walks away from the shore, you will get to the cave. Bats live in the cave so the smell inside is very unusual. Mosquito will attack you as soon as you enter the cave so I would recommend you apply your mosquito repellent lotion or run ahead to the natures mini pool and dip-in to the cold water.
Note that they NOT allow littering, writing on stone, too much noise, and drinking of alcoholic beverage inside.

OPTION 1 - Tour
Take the Calauit Safari Tour that includes Black Island side trip

OPTION 2 - via Private Vehicle
This option is what we did. You can waze or google map Ocam-Ocam beach from your starting point. Travel time from Coron town to Ocam-Ocam beach is less than 2 hour.
From Ocam-Ocam beach you may hire a private boat going to Black Island for 2,000php.

OPTION 3 - DIY from Coron Town
- Rent a motorcycle/bike for 500php or;
- Take a public van/bus from Coron Bus and Jeepney Terminal near the market. Ask the driver to drop you off at New Busuanga.
- Fare is 250php for van and around 70php for bus
- From New Busuanga, ride a scooter (habal-habal) for 150php going to Ocam-Ocam beach. Alternatively, you may ask the Van/Bus operator to drop you off at Salvacion, and hire a tricycle going to Ocam-Ocam for 500php.
- QVan operates daily, you may contact a QVan driver at +639178887993
- Private van will cost you around 4,000php one way from Coron Town.
- From Ocam-Ocam beach you may hire a private boat for 2,000php.

Love, .theposhtravelers.
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