My Travel Getaways & Hotel Staycation

Howdy Guys and Gals! Hello September! I’ve been hooked up on various things these past few days hence, I wasn’t able to update my travel blog to let you know my whereabouts. But now, I make to it that I find time even for just a couple of minutes to update my online travel journal. And luckily, was able to do it! 

So far, I do have pending post for the following getaways and staycation happened these past few weeks. Arggh! Backlogs!

1. Intercontinental Hotel Manila, though I already did some post about our room (deluxe accommodation, found here). Will be sharing with you dearies the outdoor activities we’ve done and experience that we had during our stay.

2. Phi-phi IslandResort, Morong, Bataan, where we stayed and did our team building. The weather was not good though, but still the spirit of having fun despite  everything was still present at that moment.

3. Naga & Legazpi City. Friends and I welcomed the ‘ber-months’ with a bang as we had  out-of-town getaways for 3-Days without so much planning, so everything was really in impromptu and it turns-out great! By doing this, I’ll be sharing with you some tips (do’s and don’ts) so that the next time you guys or even I have an unplanned trip and still wanted to spend it in  luxurious ways we already know how to do it.

4. And last but not the least, our Company Outing held at Fontana Leisure Park last weekend. It was fun and exciting as we did the “Project X” to socialize and make friends.

To sum it up, everything was fantastic and ended up fun. An experience worthy to be shared and remembered. Hope to see you soon, darlings! Happy Tuesday!