What to do in Boracay Island, Aklan? Here are TPT's Top 3 Activities

Some of the reasons why we travel are because we wanted to unwind after having unruly life, some are distressing, soul searching (after break-up, maybe) or simply spending money for the people who are born with golden spoon, to rejuvenate and relax, to mingle and to party, embrace mother nature, self-fulfilment, and the list goes on. I know you have many reasons to come up on your bucket list and what I’ve cited here are just some of my personal reasons.

Last Holy week (March 24 – 26, 2013), I’ve been to paradise. I’ve been to a place that we are proud to be one of the best white beaches in the world, having the fine marvellous white sand, crystal clear blue beach, breath-taking views, and have a sweet and happy people who always love to smile – Boracay Island. I’ll be posting about my trip soon as my work schedule, love life, friends life, family life and anything that has life keeping me busy these past few weeks and I apologize for that. I keep it a point to make this blog more interactive, fun, useful, informative and updated but I always fail to do so. Well, I am not promising anything for now, I’ll just do my best in able to catch up on things and to share my road trips and getaways on this blog – The Posh Traveler

Meanwhile, I want to share with you guys some activities that you might be interested to try, to conquer your fear, to discover yourself (something that you might know yourself a bit more and be proud that you have done that before dooms day!) and of course to inspire. So let’s proceed, shall we?

What to do in Boracay Island? Here are my top three activities you may also fond of doing or you must give-it-a-try during your stay in white beach paradise, Boracay Island.

What to do in Boracay Island, Aklan? Top Three Activities

Island Hopping. If you want to tour and explore around the Island of Boracay, island hopping is one of the top activities that most tourist do whenever they are in the island. Explore the island 360 degrees by using the local “Bangka” (small boat made my bamboo and wood, some used motors to operate, others used wooden paddle). On this activity, you are able to see well-known and first class hotel, some celebrity resorts, a chance to visit neighbouring islands like Puka Beach & Crocodile Island with astounding view and experience snorkelling (P150 for the snorkelling equipment) where you can feed and swim with the colourful fishes and see corals. The best part of this activity for me is that you’re able to see ice cream and buko (coconut) vendors at the middle of nowhere the sea, better try it, it might taste different and the experience is once-in-a-lifetime. Come to think of it, it’s a matter of life and death. Haha. 
Budget: P1,500 rent for the Bangka for 3-4 hours journey in the sea, which is good for 4-6 persons.

What to do in Boracay Island, Aklan? Top Three Activities
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Parasailing. Up, up and away to the sky! Fear of heights? Then, you should try this to conquer your fear. Feeling like a bird, yes it does! Imagined seating on a covered and secured seat by a colourful parachute while the wind blows your hair and touch your face, whispering a calming sound while overlooking on the white stretch of the sea shore is an awesome indescribable feeling. You will also see the Panay Island and neighbouring town and island of Region 6. 
Budget: P700 per person for 30-min ride. 1 parachute is good for two persons. So, if you don’t have a partner then you have to pay for it.

What to do in Boracay Island, Aklan? Top Three Activities

Buggy and ATV Cars. If parasailing is up, up and away to the sky, then for Buggy and ATV Cars its up, up and away to the hills. It was a great feeling to try things out of my league. Well, there is always a first on everything, and this one was one of the best adventures I had in my life. An the end of the road, you will find a serenity and tranquillity on the breath-taking picturesque view of Mt. Luho (entrance fee is P120). Buggy and ATV Cars activity is a 30-40-min road trip while enjoying the greatness of nature. I’m sure that I will do this over and over again whenever I’m in Boracay Island. 
Budget: P700 per person.

There you go! That’s my top three activities in Boracay. Maybe, if you are not adventurous enough then there are still activities that will suit your lifestyle and your needs in terms of entertainment and fun activities like zorb, banana boat and fishing adventures are also some options to choose from. And maybe, a night party would be definitely fun as you can mingle with other tourists.

Hoping next time, you’ll be one of my travel buddies, ‘til then.

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Budget Biyahera said…
From all of the activities that you posted, I failed to try parasailing (it was that time of the month for me). Hopefully, when I go back to the island, ma-try ko na siya! :) Missed Boracay all of a sudden!
Shie said…
Parasailing is also the activity I haven't done yet in Boracay, and I'm planning to do that on my next trip. Also I'd like to add to this is cliff jumping in Ariel's Point but that I dont know yet If I can muster enough courage to do :).
this boracay activity is so relaxing. it is so calm and peaceful up there. it is as if you want to stay there to relax the whole vacation long. :D