Because we designed our weekends to be full of discovery and exploring places and food trips. So, last weekend, just right after we had our house tripping in Carmona, Cavite (yay, grown-ups!) we decided to continue our road trip to either Nuvali, Laguna or Tagaytay. Almost everyone voted for Tagaytay to try new food fare (forget about yummy bulalo for the meantime, please). We traveled for almost 45 minutes before we reached the 2nd summer capital of the Philippines – Tagaytay.

chic and dainty interior

 elegant chandeliers.

soft sofas in a bright colors

We stopped at this charming and chic café called MEER Café to cool down and surprised to see that with that ambiance – they’re offering heavy meal such as crispy pata, pork sisig, kare-kare and many more at a very affordable price. Yeah, MEER Café is a restaurant that would satisfy your cravings without hurting your pocket. Well, they really living on their mission to be a leader in food industry that is delicious and yet affordable. And Tagaytay is the best place for them as they wanted to cater travelers that comes to this place to dine in and experience great food.

The group did enjoy everything that we ordered and left MEER Café with a happy tummy and smile on our faces. So guys and gals, let me share with you what we had that night. All in all, we only paid Php 1,625.00 for our orders - 2 crispy pata, 1 kare-kare, 2 pork sisig, 1 iced caramel machiatto, 1 straberry & creme frappucino, 1 banana smoothie, 1 blue lemonade, 2 cans of coke, and 1 can of sprite. 

kare-kare - Php 210.00

  forget about the diet, enjoy crispy pata - Php 325.00

 and pork sisig - Php 85.00

 Strawberry and Creme Frappuccino - Php 65.00

 Truly, it was a well-spent weekend, ‘til next!
Love, .theposhtravelers.
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