Plan Ahead, Save More

Ages ago, traveling is a luxury thing to do and only those in the upper class can afford and enjoy the benefits of being able to move from places to places and see splendid view from here and there. Only this era, where traveling is a commodity that everyone can afford whenever they want it. And of course, with the right formula of planning ahead, one can able to experience something extraordinary that money can’t buy. Booking a hotel accommodation in Bohol, let’s say, in 30-45 days’ advance, offers a great savings than booking it on a day prior to the date of stay. This is just one of the many tedious planning that you can consider for you to able to experience the luxury of traveling without hurting your pocket.
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I and Paul, on the other hand, are leisure travelers. We travel to relax and try different things in the comfort of our own time and in a much comfortable setting. Thus, planning before the travel date for us is a serious business that we have to sit down and plan everything at least 3-4 months or sometimes a year prior on our preferred date so that we can look for options and maximize our resources for us to save more. And with that having said, please read on for the tips and steps that we always go through whenever we are organizing a getaway because traveling in style or in a luxurious way need not to be expensive.

Book flight during seat sale

Whenever holiday is approaching – airlines always tend to have a promotion. Of course, competition among them always play a role, seat sale anytime of the year comes handy. Follow those airlines on their social media, stalk them and/or subscribe on their mailing list so that whenever there is an announcement you will get the notice firsthand. The cheapest flight that I got during seat sale last June 12, 2016 (Independence Day) was a one-way flight on January 24, 2017 going to Tagbilaran from Manila which was sold for only Php37.25 and that’s already for 2 persons. So, better watch out for seat sale and book flight as many as you can!
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Book hotel accommodation in advance

Because we love to stay in a 4 or 5-star hotel, we always book our hotel accommodation in advance. But prior on booking, we ask the hotel first via calling them or sending them an email if there’s an ongoing promotion. And in most cases, they do. They also give discount to residents which is mostly 10-15% OFF, so better grab those and enjoy the pleasure of staying in a comfortable and luxurious hotel or resort on much cheaper price.  

Do your research

Yes! Don’t forget to compare and read reviews, too! It pays to read blogs and insights from real people who able to experience it. Don’t just settle on the hotel profile and the likes because, well, marketing only focus on the positive side while reading and getting insights from others will give you the cons and pros. Better ask friends that already visited the place or stayed in the hotel that you’re eyeing to stay in, am sure they have lots of stories to share.

Stick to the budget

Traveling around also connotes with doing exciting activities such as city tours, island hopping, and food tripping. It is a must to have an allotted budget and stick to it so you can maximize your resources. Don’t forget to include the souvenirs and pasalubong for your love ones onto the budget so that you may avoid buying unnecessary stuff. Make a list of what to do, what to eat, what to buy and allocate a budget on each one.

Have fun and enjoy the journey

The most important thing to do is to have fun and enjoy the journey, absolutely! Thus, proper planning should be done to have a hassle-free getaway. Well, that’s the goal that we have to achieve that’s why most of us are traveling. As for our case, it is a sweet escape away from the busy metropolis and to breathe in good vibes to bring home. 
Bilar man-made forest 

These are just some of the tips and steps that you can consider in order to have a fun and hassle-free vacation while experiencing the luxury it brings on a budget.

Love, .theposhtravelers.
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