Travel Must-Have Especially When Traveling with Family

with my niece, Gail

Long weekend is coming next next week in lieu of holy week and I bet, most of us are already planning for a family getaway since most of the family members who are working are not required to report at work. Thus, considering these holidays as a family trip somewhere and a time-off to unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of metropolis. With that having said, let me share with you the travel-must-haves that should be included on your luggage most especially if you are traveling with your loved ones.

So, kindly read on.

1. Sunscreen or Sunblock – having the scorching heat of summer it’s a must to apply sunscreen or sunblock once in a while to get protected from the harmful UV rays. The higher the SPF the better but the higher the SPF, the more you apply frequently. When I’m traveling, I am using sunscreens with SPF50 and apply every hour especially on face. Applying sunscreens could prevent you from getting any skin irritation such as redness or most commonly known as sunburn.

hat, sunscreen, sunglasses

2. Sunglasses or Floppy Hat aside from protecting our skin, our eyes also need a protective gear to get protected from the damaging UV rays of sunlight.

3. Water-resistant bag – since summer spells out B-E-A-C-H which also means a lot of activities will be done in water, a water-resistant bag where you can place your gadgets and valuables always comes handy. So, better have one!

4. Toiletries – though some hotels and resorts offers toiletries which includes soap, shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, it is still better to bring your own for hygienic purposes and most especially if you have kids around.

5. First-aid Kid and Medicine – well, one of the most important above all is having a first-aid kit and medicines on your bag, place it where it can be easily accessible. I tend to bring a medicine on my day-to-day journey as it is one of my must-haves. On my kit are those UNILAB medicines that are effective on me and give fastest relief whenever I am not feeling well. So, there’s Biogesic for headache, Neozep for colds and Alaxan FR for body pains. It’s better to be ready than to ruins your travel because of unnecessary sickness along the way.


6. Gadgets and Chargers always bring a camera of a phone with camera to capture your memories and best moments. It is always great that you have a photographs that would remind how beautiful the world is and how lucky you are able to experience and see such beauty. I would suggest though that have it printed and compile on a photo album so whenever you get tired or stress you can transform yourself on a wonderful experience just by looking on those printed memories.

That’s it fellow travelers! Those are my travel must haves that I always make sure that are present on my bag and luggage aside from my comfortable clothing. I’m sure you have yours, too, and I’m thrilled to know it, please share yours via comment below.

Take care and keep safe! 
Love, .theposhtravelers.
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Wander Shugah said…
I cannot stress enough how important a drybag is! I bring it everywhere! yay!
Aylin Vedad said…
@Wander Shugah: right! And it might be too costly if you forgot to bring.