Who are we – theposhtravelers?

Mt. Carmel Church – Basco, Batanes

Since I am going to re-brand and bring back my travel blog to life, I would like to introduce who are we? I am going to use the word “we” as theposhtraveler is no longer solo. Yehey! Since most of my luxury and lavish travels are with the boyfriend, we decided to have a blog and this time it is a couple travel blog who loves to have a relaxing vacation in a high-end hotels and resorts without sacrificing the budget - theposhtravelers. Opinions and advises will be shared. Thus, expect more of his thoughts - her thoughts; he says – she says; and many couple- and travel-related blogposts. So before anything else, let me tell you a little something about US.

The HE –

Paul is an IT Geek, loves to read current events, technology and gadget updates, a CCNA, a gamer – a techy-savvy! He’s also an entrepreneur who buys and sells random things such as anything related to computer hardware, gaming and vape accessories. Once a homebody person but now loves traveling because of the SHE.

Tam-awan Village  Baguio City

The SHE –

Aylin is the owner of the beauty slash fashion slash lifestyle slash travel blog – www.thedailyposh.net and the original owner of theposhtraveler (without an S).com. She works in a corporate world for almost ten years and planning to retire in two years and focus on business and to travel the world. She believes that having a work-life balanced makes her live life to the fullest and at the same time happy!

Spider House – Boracay Island, Aklan

US –

Paul and Aylin are in a relationship for seven years and 4 months already. Traveling and having a short vacation in a cozy hotel and resort makes their weekends more productive and at the same time unwinding from the busy life that they have during weekdays to regain more ideas and energy to face the challenges given by the universe on their day-to-day lives. Traveling is also another venue on discovering new things and characteristics that each one has. It is more of discoveries and adventures.

ATV to Mt. Luho  – Boracay Island, Aklan

So, stay tuned for fun- and love-filled journey!

Meanwhile, for those who loves to sponsor our stay-cation slash mini vacation and travels or for collaboration and event invites, please send an email at thedailyposh (at) gmail (dot) com - thedailyposh@gmail

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