Laguna | Exploring the Town of Cavinti and its Hidden Gems

colorful hats made up of Pandan leaves

…because I really don’t know yet if I am going to continue this travel blog of mine though some of my travels already posted on my lifestyle slash fashion slasion travel blog –

Meanwhile, here’s a photo of my weekend getaway that started January of this year. Hoping that you can still show some love and support. Thank you my dear readers!

January 10-11, I’ve been to CavintiLaguna to explore the province. I’ve never known that that place is exsisting. Thus, I posted 11 Reasons why you should visit Cavinti, Laguna anytime soon. And these photos are some of them. Enjoy!

Lago Fishing Village

Japanese Garden

Cavinti Spillway

Cavinti Falls (a.k.a Pagsanjan Falls)

Love, The Posh Traveller
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