Cavite City | Overnight Staycation at Hacienda Isabella

Howdy Guys & Gals! How’s your day?! I know the weather is driving us crazy, a freaky’ hot in the morning till roughly 3-4pm, a gloomy and heavy rains afterwards. The silly weather, well, made me to cancel all my planned meet-ups, things-to-do ‘coz it just gives a tiring and hassle day that ended up with doing nothing (tadaaaa, can you smell excuses here). But still, thank you heaven for crying out loud, for us to have a cool & sound sleep at night. Finally, no need for an air con at night. Ha-ha.

Cavite City | Overnight Staycation at Hacienda Isabella
  Meanwhile, I want to share with you guys my experience and weekend overnight staycation last week (June 8-9, Saturday to Sunday) on one of the beautiful places near the Metro – Hacienda Isabella. This hacienda owned by our very own Kuh Ledesma who has been successful in the field of music is located at Indang, Cavite and named after her only daughter Isabella. As of the moment, ideas are running on my mind, so instead of mixing and messing up things, I’ll be writing something more of the things-that-welcomed-us, the things-we-had, the things-we-saw on a daily basis.

Cavite City | Overnight Staycation at Hacienda Isabella
around Hacienda Isabella -- pathways, wall designs and signage
We arrived at around 4pm, kind of gloomy afternoon and the sky seems like wanted to settle down already and call it a day. The gate seems to be old, which give the impression that this has been existing for decades and yes it does! And as you enter, pavements design and structure, gives a vibe that we’re gods and goddesses that once cited in our Greek mythology class during our school days, oriental and western décor were also visible. Mr. Victor, Ms. Kuh’s cousin, one of the managing staff of the hacienda welcomed us with a big smile painted on his face. He assure us that our stay will be fun, meaningful, and most of all homey. Yeah, he didn’t fail to make us feel that way! 

Cavite City | Overnight Staycation at Hacienda Isabella
calamansi Juice, our welcome drinks! Inside Hacienda Isabella
They served calamansi juice as a welcome drink. Cool and refreshing! Indeed, a thirst quencher however, made me crave for more, good thing, they have more. After we finished our drinks and a little bit of talkies Mr. Victor ac companied us to our room. We are given a chance to select our own room depends on how many person would be there. My roommates were my co-TRT Ate Jinkee & Shekinah. Since the three of us would be sharing our room, and there were other 2 groups that were also in a group of 3, thus, our rooms were located at the Villa 7: The Marrakech (pronounced as ma-ra-kesh, sosyal noh?!) and the others, well actually, the 2 guys in the group were at Villa 4: Casa Agua wherein rooms here are good for family ‘coz it can accommodate 5 persons and it’s a loft type room, having 2 single beds downstairs, 3 double bed upstairs. By the way, they have 50+ rooms up to date, way perfect for team buildings, reunions and big occasions to share with many people.

Cavite City | Overnight Staycation at Hacienda Isabella
photo-ops with Ate Jinkee and Shek. For a place like this who would say NO on camera? 
what I'm wearing: forever21 top with crocheted details at the back, polka dots shorts & belt bought from sm store, head piece bought from landmark, classiore bracelet & necklace, yellow flat sandals bought from greenhills, swatch watch.
Cavite City | Overnight Staycation at Hacienda Isabella
Photo-ops on our way to our room.
What good about Hacienda Isabella is that, they see to it that the guests are able to experience the luxury of Hacienda on their own, giving the luxury to feel like there are the owner of this huge property and of course, they also guarantee that your visit or even your day tour to Hacienda is a moment to cherish and an experience that worthy to be shared and told to friends and loved ones.

Cavite City | Overnight Staycation at Hacienda Isabella
Our room. Marrakesh Room No. 3 - with 1 queen size bed and 2 double beds.
Cavite City | Overnight Staycation at Hacienda Isabella
And just outside the room, our view -very spacious.
Cavite City | Overnight Staycation at Hacienda Isabella
Villa 4: Casa Agua Room - with 2 single beds downstairs and 3 double beds upstairs.
After we settled and secured our things on our rooms and agreed to go back to main house at 7pm for our dinner, it’s time to roam around Hacienda Isabella. Every Villa has its unique name and history, some are named after Ms. Kuh’s friends and relatives. From the entrance we’re able to see lots of vintage luggage being displayed, well, most of the corners of the Hacienda has vintage luggage as part of the interior design, and these are Ms. Kuh’s collections. As time passed by, they’re getting rusty and old, so instead of throwing them away, here’s a genius act – make them as a decoration.

Cavite City | Overnight Staycation at Hacienda Isabella
touring around -- the elegant couches, swimming pool, door with details
Cavite City | Overnight Staycation at Hacienda Isabella
antique stuff all over places
Cavite City | Overnight Staycation at Hacienda Isabella
greens and lagguges
7pm. Dinner. Most of us were hungry already and the same time thrilled on what’s store for us dinner. Hmmm…
These were the foods for dinner! For appetizer we had pumpkin soup, fresh garden salad which you can really tell that was just harvested because of the crispiness and sweet taste of the green leaves – the setup was we have to make our own salad given all the ingredients we needed such as Caesar dressing, ripe mangoes, jackfruits, walnuts, corn kernels, raisins, apples & parmesan cheese – that made all of us, well, almost full (sarap kasi eh).  For the main dish we had pasta with tomato-based sauces - Amatriciana and Tinapa – I liked the Tinapa better than the Amatriciana maybe because Tinapa is a classic feel of a province and something that I can’t eat much when in the Metro, chicken was also present. For dessert we had fried sweet potato.

Cavite City | Overnight Staycation at Hacienda Isabella
our dinner
What a day, I’m so full and thankful for all the blessings that I received, it’s truly more than of what I expected! Imagine, a luxurious staycation in a homey and tranquil ambiance of Hacienda Isabella plus a not-so-expected sumptuous foods over our table. An awesome weekend indeed! After dinner we decided to rest for a while in our designated rooms for about 30mins-1hr and then agreed to swim and have a midnight chitchats. Then, we will having a wushu as part of our activities in the morning at 7am led by Roch.  Nevertheless, the three of us (Ate Jinkee, Shek and I) won’t do that anymore because we’d fallen into a deep and sound sleep all the way to morning.

 Good morning sunshine! Mr. Sunshine has a hint that he’s shining brightly on that day to give us a beautiful glare and somehow to burn our calories from the last night’s pig out by sweating. We woke up at 5am, 2 hours early before our 7am call time for wushu. So, instead of putting our time to waste, Shek and I, decided to swim first and after a while, Ate Jinkee also joined us. 

Cavite City | Overnight Staycation at Hacienda Isabella
Good Morning Sunshine!
The bottom right photo is grabbed from Wazzup Pilipinas facebook page here.
 7am. Wushu. Right in front of the main house we held our wushu. Our laughters echoed on the Hacienda as a sign that we’re having fun doing that thing, my body is not that flexible that’s why I had a hard time following some of the stunts. After an hour, time to take a rest for a while before we take our breakfast to be serve at 830am. Meanwhile, photo ops muna while waiting, blogger duty I must say.

Cavite City | Overnight Staycation at Hacienda Isabella
time for our wushu class
Cavite City | Overnight Staycation at Hacienda Isabella
The 360 degrees view of Hacienda Isabella and me "like an owner boss" Ha-ha.
what I'm wearing: top bought from landmark, forever21 leggings, swatch watch, yellow flat sandals bought from greenhills, classiore bracelet & necklace.
 What’s for breakfast?! Hmmm. They served us a lot! Thus, I’ve been posting on my Instagram (see here) that that was an undeniably a heavy breakfast. We had sinangag (fried rice), omelet, pork tocino, daing na bangus (fried milkfish), suman (sticky rice) and fresh pineapple fruits.

Cavite City | Overnight Staycation at Hacienda Isabella
Good Morning -- breakfast served!
After that, it’s an idle time. Some took a nap, some were roaming around and take photos, me? I just laid on the lazy divan while birds were chirping that seems to be singing a lullaby that made me fall asleep for a while. Time really fly so fast, that we couldn’t even notice that lunch is about to serve.

Cavite City | Overnight Staycation at Hacienda Isabella
the area were the wifi. updating social media - twitter, instagram, facebook & blog.
 Lunch. We had rice, chopsuey, chicken adobo, pan-fried cream dory with lemon butter sauce and pinoy-all-time favorite dessert – buko salad. Well, buko were just harvested from the hacienda’s backyard just in time for lunch so that a fresh buko salad will be served. Luscious!

Cavite City | Overnight Staycation at Hacienda Isabella
and there's a lunch!
Meanwhile, while we’re having lunch, Mr. Victor was also there to chat and mingle with us. Making sure that we had fun on our stay and we liked all the foods that they served. Well, a sort of a happy tummy and lucky me to experience the awesomeness of Hacienda Isabella. A 2-day escape to a hectic metro to rejuvenate our soul and senses for an upcoming opportunities and welcoming busy world of the Metro was certainly a good one. Thank you to Wazzup Pilipinas for organizing and made this staycation possible and to Mr. Victor and Hacienda Isabella for accommodating us so well.

Cavite City | Overnight Staycation at Hacienda Isabella
photo-ops before leaving Hacienda Isabella, Mr. Victor joined us.
what I'm wearing: ninewest tote bag, denim vest, read head piece bought from landmark, yellow flats bought from greenhills, swatch watch, classiore bracelet, dress wore as a top gifted from Australia.
That’s it, hope I did not bore you to death as I narrated my experience in Hacienda Isabella. And before I ended my post, I want to share with you dearies some cool facts about the hacienda.

Did you know that
Hacienda Isabella is a great venue of a garden and once-in-a-lifetime fairy tale themed wedding - Precious Lara Quigaman (beauty queen & actress and Marco Alcaraz (actor) & Patty Laurel and Patrick Filart – to name a few well known personalities celebrated their cozy, romantic and elegant weddings.

Hacienda Isabella is also a favorite location for movies and teleseryes such as:
   Till I Met You – starred by Regine Velasques and Robin Padilla
   Petrang Kabayo – Vice Ganda’s blockbuster movie
   Beautiful Affair – a reunion teleserye of Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz aired at ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.
   Now & Forever – starred by Sheryl Cruz and Zoren Legaspi aired at GMA 7.

Hacienda Isabella
8 Carasuchi St., Brgy. Carasuchi,
Indang Cavite City, Philippines

P2800 per person inclusive of breakfast and accommodation. *
P3500 for Couple Room – good for 2. Room Only *
P5500 for Family Room – good for 5. Room Only *
P7500 for Big Room – good for 6 and up. Room Only *
* Prices are subject to change without prior notice and can be adjusted depending on the headcount and package that you will avail.
** Please call them first. Visits to Hacienda Isabella are STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT.

For inquiries:
Contact Nos.: 02) 625-2453, (02) 531-0688, +63917 813-9065, +63920 953-9488

How to get there?
Location map
From Tagaytay Rotonda to Soto Grande Subdivision, it is approximately 7 kilometers, or an 8 to 10-minute-drive. From Soto Grande to Hacienda Isabella, it is approximately 8 kilometers of barangay road, or a 15-minute-drive.

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